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                 So you guys guessed it, doing Yoga can help with your struggle against E.D. Yoga is an ancient practice of movement and breathing. It has been known to improve men’s testosterone levels and increase blood flow to your pelvic region. As it is with all things concerning E.D. it is all about blood flow. Get it up America will try and help connect you with a Yoga instructor near you. But if you’d like to give it a try at home here’s 5 Yoga poses to help prevent E.D. and improve your sexual performance.

5 Yoga Positions To Improve Your E.D.


A.K.A. Seated Forward Bend

Sit on your yoga mat with your feet out in front of you. Slowly lean forward while lengthening your tailbone as you reach for the floor. If you can grab your feet.


A.K.A. Standing Forward Bend

Stand on your mat with your hands on your hips. Slowly bend over stetching your spine and reach for the floor. Try and keep your legs straight. 

Baddha Konasana

A.K.A. Butterfly Pose

Sit on your mat with your feet tucked in to your pelvis. Grab your feet and slowly bend your knees down sideways toward the floor.

Janu Sirsasana

A.K.A. Head To Knee Pose

Tuck one foot in toward your pelvis while keeping your other leg extended. Raise your arms and slowly reach out toward your extended leg. Do this 5 times for each leg.


A.K.A. Bow Pose

Lay down on your mat on your stomach. Bend one knee and grab your ankle. Then bend your other knee and do the same thing. Slowly point both arms and both legs toward the sky.

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